Trade : Making and Fixing

You have customers who expect a bit of respect, and who need talking to nicely. You have suppliers who don’t – they want chasing up and sorting out. And you have mates who work with you from time to time who call a spade a ****ing shovel.

When do they call? All together. Five minutes after the ready-mix wagon arrives and you’re running back and forth with a barrow and rake. Or you’re on top of a roof in a gale, hanging on for dear life, and you can’t hear a thing.

Whether you’re a chippie, or a brickie, a surveyor or an electrician, a general builder or a groundworker, you’ve got enough on your hands without the added aggravation of taking and making calls.​

We have a bunch of clients like you who leave us to sort the calls. We’ll be nice to your customers and firm with your suppliers, whilst having a bit of banter with your mates – that way everyone is happy.

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