Consultant : Problem Solvers

When you are with clients they want to know that you are 100% focused on them, their business, their people and their challenges. They certainly don’t like you taking calls from other clients, from prospects or from your mates, when they’re paying for your time. So you don’t answer your phone when you’re delivering a training session or in an important meeting.​​​

Since you don’t get that many serious enquiries each month, you reason it’s hardly worth paying for a full time PA. But once in a while a big opportunity comes along – one that you really don’t want to miss, one that needs a rapid response, and which has to be handled with impeccable efficiency.

That one new client could pay you £500, £1,000, £2,000 or more a month, for a couple of years.​​​ Answering in haste, or letting it go to voicemail, immediately sends the wrong message – that you’re too busy for a job of this nature, or you simply don’t have the resources they’re looking for​​.

We handle a number of people in your position, screening out the calls you don’t want and prioritising the ones you do, so you can focus on the job in hand. And when the big one comes through you can be confident that we won’t drop the ball!
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