The best thing about your business is almost certainly you – it’s your personal passion, your remarkable skills and your unique character that make it so special.​

And the worst thing about your business is also you…

You have to do almost everything, including answering the phone. You might be rushing to a meeting, concentrating on an important task, or just taking a breather… and suddenly a client rings!​

Sadly we can’t clone you (yet!). But we can do the next best thing – answer your calls the way you would yourself, when you are at your best. Our team of Phone Fairies are experts at representing you, when you can’t. This builds closer relationships with your clients, means you don’t miss new business opportunities and allows you to get on with the stuff that only you can do, that pays you the most money and gives you the most satisfaction.​​angel (2)

​But how do you feel about strangers representing your business?


We understand that. So here’s how the Phone Fairies at GoodCall work for you: ​​WHAT WE DO​