Creative : Making Magic

​To do what you do, and what only you can do, requires peace and quiet. You drift off into your own private world and become totally absorbed in your own thoughts and ideas. And then the phone rings. You decide to ignore it, but it keeps on ringing. What if it’s a new client? Or an urgent request from an existing one?  Your train of thought has been totally derailed – so you might as well take it. It’s an automated message: ‘Our records show you have not made a claim for payment protection insurance…’ Or it’s someone asking for a quote on a lucrative job and you sound distracted, disgruntled and stressed. You ask none of the correct questions, give them a figure off the top of your head and  then live to regret it.​

Now, where were you? OMG, is that the time?! Whether you’re designing gardens or writing scripts, animating games or brainstorming strategies, answering the phone is the last thing you should be doing – you need someone with a bit of creative flair to take those calls, ask the right questions, build a good rapport, and prioritise them so you’re free from unwelcome interruptions yet aware if there’s anything urgent or important that demands immediate attention.

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