​​Specialist : Unique Services

Whether you’re a pet detective or a life coach, a video producer or a professional magician, a graphologist, a numismatist or some other kind of ‘ist’, you’ll have moments in your day when you really don’t want to be answering the phone.

​However, given the fact that your business is so niche, and that your services are so unusual, you might assume that it’ll be well nigh impossible to find someone who can take your calls and handle enquiries.

​Funnily enough we have quite a few clients whose business is a little bit out of the ordinary. In fact we’re a bit out of the ordinary too – and we love stuff that’s unusual.

Each member of our team has a lot of personality and, if appropriate, can bring that into play. If you are a clairvoyant, and want us to answer calls with ‘Hello, I just knew you were going to call…’ then we’re more than happy to oblige!

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